I was young, huge, and relatively unknown


helps the judges to become familiar with the qualities of your

physique. They don’t have to study you for long periods on stage

to know that you have, for example, good testosterone undecanoate 250 lats or fantastic calves.

They already know this, so they just check you over quickly,

confirm their expectations, then go on to examine others and see

if they measure up to you .

Some people seem to generate more publicity than others without really trying. Discusses the Detrimental Effects of Anabolic Steroids and Post Cycle Therapy

When I was training and running a gym in

Munich, I did a picture story for a magazine in which I walked

huge relatively unknown

around the city in my posing trunks during a snowstorm and was

photographed window shopping, in front of the train station, and

so on. This was dearly manufactured publicity, the kind Hollywood was once famous for-a publicity stunt.

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But it was done for

Stern magazine, with a readership of millions, and this was my

way of bringing bodybuilding to the general public. To get into

this kind of magazine, you need to so something highly unusual.

Publicity in bodybuilding magazines is quite a different matter.

When I went to London for the Mr.

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Universe contest I had no

need of such stunts.

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I was young, huge, and relatively unknown

-the European contender who came out of nowhere. I just

huge relatively

seemed to attract attention and publicity without even trying .

650———————————————————But some have gone about getting publicity in other ways. Andreas difference between testosterone enanthate and cypionate Cahling was often pictured in Muscle ei) Fitness long before