Automating Reading and Composing: Computerized Essay Grading

Automating Reading and Composing: Computerized Essay Grading

The last couple of weeks have actually seen plenty of conversation over computerized essay-grading. Many people admire its labor-saving potential (because whom actually likes grading a huge stack of student essays?) even though the louder audience argues that, on top of other things, some type of computer can’t read. We see this conversation as an element of a wider trend that extends back to early times of the contemporary computer.

The Recent Discussion

To provide a synopsis, Can a pc level an Essay? is a 30-minute broadcast Boston episode about computer-graded essays and presents the main sides for the problem. Specialists Against Machine Scoring of Student Essays in High-Stakes Assessment and Professors Angry over Essays Marked by Computer represent, as their games recommend, the anti-computer grading faction. Through the latter:

The group’s petition against computerized grading states: ‘Let’s face the realities of automatic essay scoring. Computer systems cannot ‘read.’ They can not gauge the basics of interaction; precision, thinking, adequacy of proof, sense, ethical stance, persuading argument, meaningful organization, quality and veracity, amongst others.’

Listed here is articles through the nyc Times that takes a much attitude that is different computerized grading by handling its labor-saving potential.

These Conversations Aren’t Brand Brand New, But…

John Glenn “piloting” the Mercury capsule. Image thanks to the Ohio State University John Glenn Audio Visual Collection.

This problem is of specific interest if you ask me as a result of my dissertation research in American studies that I’ve been currently talking about representations of automation within the U.S. when you look at the century that is mid-twentieth. Machines represented as accepting traits of individual idea, like computers, have a tendency to cause differing types of anxiety over work than humanoid devices, like robots. Read more